The best of the best… professional in every way… my hearing aids have been a true blessing in my life… can’t thank the fine ladies at the Hearing aid Center enough 😁
Bruce Varvell, on Google
The receptionist and audiologist were great, they were both professional and friendly. The hearing tests were very thorough. They included speech listening patterns and the parts of words that were causing me the most difficulty in understanding the words I can hear. The audiologist, Nannette Wortham, explained my results in detail and the best type of device for my particular hearing loss and my occupation. They also explored my insurance coverage for the resources it provided. There wasn’t any high pressure sales pitch only concern with making it possible for me to get the best devices I could afford. I am so glad that I made the appointment with Hearing for Life.
Melanie Steward, on Google
Very attentive, personal care. Melissa absolutely made us feel welcome and was helpful. Nannette gave us a lot of time & attention, explained everything thoroughly, is very easy to talk with & relate to, and is friendly. I recommended this office to someone the day after our visit & will continue to do so.
Judy Carter, on Google
Nannette and Melissa are always so kind and professional and helpful snd VERY patient. Thank you!!!
peggy alsup, on Google
I could not have given a good review 2 months ago....BUT now all I can say is Wow!! Ms Nannette, the new Dr, is awesomely INCREDIBLE!!! She works with you tirelessly to make everything work properly and efffectively. She is compassionate, knowledgable and very patient. I cannot say enough about her and the new office staff...immediately friends and forever family! ♥️♥️♥️🎉✨
Karen Sanders, on Google

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